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A quick look at the “Wizard101 Crown Generator”

I decided to write this post after checking out WeGotHacks.com post here http://wegothacks.com/updated-wizard101-crown-generator-december-2013/ , and discovering a bot they had for Wizard101, so I hope you find the post helpful.

Wizard101 is an online multiplayer MMO created by KingsIsle Entertainment. The plot of this mmo is a bit different then many other games similar in nature. In this game there is a main storyline and along side does are side stories. I won’t go into detail since if your reading this you probably already understand the game, besides it would be tedious to go over the storylines. Well onto the tips, first we will start with spells.

wizard101 cheats

Spells is one of the most important parts of the game, therefore you should know how to use them wisely. First thing i will say if train in your school and obtain all spells. The spells for your school is free so you might as well get them, and take note to train the more beneficial spells like Tower Shield. Another good pointer would be discarding spells you don’t need. In order to do this right-click on it during battle. Really good thing about this, is that by the next battle that spell will be replaced by another. You should also really try to get low pip spells in the 0-1 range, and you should use the 1-pip school spells you have for lower levels.

Now lets touch on your deck build. Now this applies to real life card games, and online games as well, make sure you deck is slim. Do not add cards that you don’t really need into your deck this usually ends up giving you bad games. The only type card that I could understand you adding a lot of is healing types, which have a good place in anyone’s deck. Your deck in my personal opinion should look something like the below.

Attacks: I shouldn’t need to explain

0-pip shields: These are a must, whether its single shields or double, have all elements covered. Try to include all Tower shields in your deck and add/remove the elemental shields based on what monsters you’ll be up against.

Healing: When shields are failing, your going to need to heal yourself. Life and Death Wizard, are the ones who must have these, considering they cannot heal themselves. Some good healing spells are Absorb, Satyr, and Sprite.

Feints: I recommend this to any wizard that can you it, train it. It only costs 1 pip and the benefits out weighs the cost especially if you have shields.

My motto in this game is that you should think about surviving before thinking about attacking. Al tough i say this you shouldn’t focus only on defense try to balance everything out.

Now lets talk about dungeons. First I have to say is check your deck, and make sure its suitable for battle. When walking in a dungeon make sure to cling to the walls, this helps prevent unnecessary battles with monsters, and prevents battles that may have been forced. If you have friends to play with, go along with them, playing in groups will make things go faster.

Now this covers the basics, and I haven’t talked about the cheats part of this post. Well while i was searching the internet for some hacks, i came across a wizard101 crown generator. The bot generates unlimited amounts of crowns and won’t get you banned as long as you use it with moderation. If you would like to download it simply go to the wegothacks.com for the download.

Well guys that concludes my post. Hope the bot and tips help you out, it was very helpful for me.


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